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The Energy industry is facing many challenges. This can vary from escalating costs when there is a boom in the market to cut backs when there is a down turn in the market. Either way there is always an industry challenge that needs to be addressed. It may be technical or it could be commercial.

The PMI AGC – DMS Energy Forum: Debates is a neutral platform that allows people to DEBATE potential solutions to current challenges in an open environment.

Debate Format

  • A moderator
  • 2 Panelists to argue for the motion
  • 2 Panelist to argue against the motion
  • Each panelist will start with a 5 minute presentation to support their argument
  • Moderator will put questions to the panelists to debates amongst themselves
  • The audience may then ask questions for the panelists to debate
  • A vote will be held at the end of each session to identify which motion won & will be a great indicator as to how the energy sector feels an industry challenge should be addressed.


  • Refiners should outsource their Hydrogen needs rather than produce it themselves
  • Project Owners should give commercial advantages to bidders based on quality technical proposals
    rather than award a contract to the lowest technically approved bid
  • 1st Panel DiscussionHow to avoid Mega Projects Cost Over Runs
  • 2nd Panel DiscussionHow to manage an effective centralized control room for Green & Brown Field Projects.

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